#StartupIdea — A Govt. powered Crowdfunding Platform for Relief Measures during Crisis

Rajeesh Nair
2 min readApr 7, 2020


In comparison to any other country, I firmly believe that India is №1 when it comes to donations. From religious places to school/college admissions, we donate a lot and most of which are unaccounted for. The donations don’t limit there but extend to marriages and how can we forget the donations (bribe) to the babus to get things done.

Then whenever a pandemic, disaster, or calamity strikes; we unitedly donate for the relief measures as well. Sometimes as goods, sometimes as funds, sometimes as resources.

Yet, I wonder how the funds are utilized and do these funds serve the purpose they are actually collected for.

Since 2001 Gujarat Earth Quake, I am hearing a lot about relief funds but never found the balance sheet and if there’s one to be found, I doubt I will understand that without someone specializing in accounts.

Well, these doubts and questions gave me an idea and I feel this can work great for India being a country that is famous for donations.

Set up a crowdfunding platform dedicated to relief measures whenever such crisis strikes. The fundraising campaign must be targeted towards supplies rather than the amount in total and should be completely managed by the Govt.

For example, in this pandemic, the Govt. can put an estimate on the required PPE kits, masks, ventilators, food resources, relief measures for medical, security, and cleaning staff, relief measures for the poor, the jobless (due to #Lockdown), the elderlies, etc. Now, such estimates should be made deducting the resources Govt. can facilitate without donations.

A campaign can be raised for different categories and let the individual decide where he/she wishes to donate. Of course, a financial goal will be set and beyond that, no donations must be collected for that category.

Public and authorities can start a campaign too and the dedicated team appointed by the administration can verify and regulate such campaigns and decide whether to approve/disapprove a campaign.

Humans are hungry for praises by default. Look at the social media frenzy for instance. Everything is for likes and praises via comments.

Why not capitalize on that trend and assign badges within the platform where users feel praised and helpful. The funds collected in this manner will give a better sense of purpose to those who are willing to help and contribute in this fight against any threat to the country and its people.

Most importantly, transparency will assure people that the funds are utilized wisely and purposefully.



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